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High Quality, Low Cost Wheel Balancing Dublin 15

As part of our commitment to both quality and safety, we offer complimentary wheel balancing with every tyre fitting we carry out. If you have had your tyres fitted by another provider, and are unsure about your wheel balance, we offer a fast, cost-effective wheel balancing service at our Blanchardstown Tyre Service Centre.

Why is Wheel Balancing Important?

Wheel balancing ensures that your wheels have the correct weight distribution for safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient driving.

Vibration is a common sign that you need a wheel balancing service. If you feel a vibration in your vehicle, particularly at higher speeds, it could mean your wheels are off-balance. If you notice this, it’s important to get your tyres checked as soon as possible.

While off-balance wheels can reduce the life of your tyre, and make for uncomfortable driving, a more serious consequence is that a lack of balance can cause accidents, because of poor handling.

When should you get your wheels balanced?

It’s crucial that your wheels are balanced correctly every time a new tyre is fitted (we provide this free of charge with our tyre fittings).

If you feel a vibration, or have recently hit your vehicle (even a large pothole can throw your wheel balance off), it’s worth getting your wheel balance checked out at our Blanchardstown Tyre Centre.

Is Wheel Balance the same as Wheel Alignment?

No; although both work to provide safety on the road, these are different services. Wheel balance is about correcting the weight distribution of your tyres to allow smooth, safe handling. Wheel alignment ensures that your wheels are at the correct angle for optimum performance and safety.

Contact Us About Wheel Balance

If you’d like to book a wheel balance service in our Blanchardstown centre, call us on 01 820 2221. You can also contact us for a free quote by using the form located on this page.

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