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For 18 years, we have been providing reliable, quality mechanic services in Blanchardstown, Clonsilla, Ongar, and the greater Dublin area. If you need a timing belt replacement, or suspect that something might be wrong with your vehicle, call us on 01 820 2221. Our experienced mechanics will assess your timing belt’s condition, and give you clear advice on the best solution.

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When to book a Timing Belt Replacement

You might say that the timing belt holds your engine together, as its primary function is to keep the top part of your engine running in time with the bottom part.

Therefore, it’s crucial that your timing belt is kept in good working order. If your timing belt’s broken, your vehicle won’t run properly. In fact, a broken timing belt can lead to major engine damage if you don’t fix it straight away.

If your vehicle won’t start, it could be a definite sign that the timing belt has snapped. Pop the bonnet and make a visual assessment. If it has snapped, or you are unsure, contact us in Blanchardstown before you drive the vehicle, or try to start it again.

Alternatively, you might hear an odd, squeaking noise coming from the timing cover (which protects the timing belt). This is a sign that your timing belt is on the way out.

Standard Timing Belt Maintenance

Even without problems, you will need to replace your timing belt every 60,000 – 70,000 kilometres or 4 -5 years. This varies from vehicle to vehicle, so we recommend checking your manufacturer’s manual.

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We offer excellent value on all timing belt replacement services. You can talk to a member of our team in Blanchardstown by phoning 01 820 2221, or fill in the form on this page to request a callback or free, no obligation quote.

Timing belt failed me again after having it replaced in another mechanics. But Dave insured my he used the top of the line timing belt and fitted it correctly. That was 6 months ago and it hasn’t given me any trouble since. Cheers Dave!
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