Brake Pads Replacement Blanchardstown

Brake Pads Repair & Replace Blanchardstown

Fast, Efficient Brake Replacement at Dave McCann Tyres

As part of our extensive mechanic services at Dave McCann Blanchardstown, we can assess the state of your brake pads, and either repair or replace them as needed. Brake pad replacement or repair jobs typically have a fast turnaround time, meaning you won’t be off the road for long. If your brake discs, calipers, or brake fluid need attention too, we’ll let you know during your initial assessment, and provide you with a competitive quote for this work.

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Why are Brake Pads Important?

Your brakes are one of the most important – if not the most important factor in driving safely. If any part of your brakes are not functioning correctly, it can mean damage to your vehicle or something much more serious.

The brake pads are key in the correct function of your brakes, as they apply the pressure to the brake discs, which are attached to the wheel of your vehicle, causing it to slow or stop when needed.

How Often Should You Change your Brake Pads?

Because so many factors can affect the lifespan of your brake pads, it’s difficult to give a standard timeline that applies to all vehicles. If you notice that your brakes aren’t performing properly, you should contact us or call into our Blanchardstown service centre as soon as possible.

Top Signs Your Brake Pads Need Repair or Replacement

  1. They make a squealing sound when you use the brake
  2. Vibration when you brake suddenly
  3. Slow to respond (your foot is almost to the floor before the brakes kick in)
  4. Non-responsive – it’s definitely time to call us!

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You can contact us online at any time using the form located on this page. Feel free to ask us any question, or request your free quote for brake work. To speak with our friendly mechanics, please phone us on 01 820 2221.

The guys at Dave McCann Autocare where great. I had screeching brakes and assumed they where the pads. Sure enough it was. Gave Dave a ring and was booked in the next day. Done and dusted in 30min while I waited. Great service.
Brake Pads Changed
5 / 5 stars